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WWDC 2018

Last month, a small group of iOS developers from MOBGEN attended the globally renown Apple event, WWDC 2018. Every year, thousands of people from around the world gather to celebrate technology, design and upcoming trends presented by Apple engineers and representatives.

For the second time, this year the conference was held in San Jose, rather than the original location in San Francisco, and for many, this was the first time attending the conference at this new location. Because of this, several attendees were skeptical about the environment surrounding the conference. On previous occasions, it was full of events, meetups, and parties after the conference hours. But this time was quieter. This made the city perfect to rest and reflect about what you saw during the day. Giving you enough time to study the new technologies presented and be ready to ask questions to fellow developers or Apple engineers at the labs.


As this week is also filled with other conferences taking place around WWDC, this new location was well received by those who take this opportunity to do some networking with other professionals. It was exceptionally easy to find other attendees with whom you could exchange ideas and opinions around the topics presented during the day. A lot of new concepts came through because of these conversations with designers, developers and many other roles that are involved in the development of mobile applications.

In relation to the announcements, we found that people had polar-opposite feelings about them. There were those who were disappointed because the presentation lacked the “wow” factor that we have seen in previous years. But also, there were those who took this year’s presentation as a moment to reflect on all the great things we have been doing over all this time. We found ourselves more in touch with the second group. The announcements were mainly focused on performance, and we like to think that Apple is trying to suggest to us that, if we take some time to keep adding cool new features, we will further help our customers reach their goals. However, that we should also take the time to improve what we already have. We all know that there are moments where the time beats us, and we leave some areas to be improved at a later time. At MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive, we try to minimize these debts as much as possible, but we are not the exception. So, the style of the event this year has provided us with the inspiration and motivation to make this year, the year that we focus on those tiny details that, although they might not be visible to the customer, will definitely bring them more value and higher levels of satisfaction.


Furthermore, MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive were, once again, present at the AltConf this year, and we must say that it never disappoints us! This summit is a great opportunity to listen to other experts in the field, while they talk about their experience or dictate workshops around particular topics of interest. For us, it was definitely a great moment to renew ideas and get that refreshed mindset that will definitely provide us with the energy needed to continue leading the development for our clients and bringing value to their customers.

We are grateful for the opportunity to attend #WWDC18 and it was truly a great experience to be there and live firsthand what, for us as iOS developers, is the single most important event of the year. It was an unforgettable week and we can’t wait to get back to work, suggesting new cool features and fixes to our clients that will make their customers have the best experience possible. Fingers crossed that next year we will be lucky enough to get invited again and be part of this wonderful experience once more.



Written by Andres Pesate.