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Shell unveils the Shell Concept Car

Shell Concept Car

Press Release April 2016.

Project M, the Shell Concept Car gives us ways to explore and to improve movement around our cities now and in the future.

Shell has collaborated with industry-leaders Gordon Murray Design and Geo Technology to co-engineer the design and build of an ultra-compact and energy efficient city car. As part of the connectivity team, MOBGEN was responsible for building the digital centrepiece of the Shell Concept Car.

The Shell Drive app is designed for fuel efficiency and fuel economy seekers, who want the maximum possible mileage for the fuel. For this project, MOBGEN has modified the Shell Drive app adding features like voice control, 3D driving feedback and an integrated music player which links to the vehicle to the smartphone, the driver, and the internet.

“This project aims to see just how good we can be with something manufactured today,” said Andrew Hepher, vice president of lubricant technology at Shell.

For more information about this innovative project, click here for the project website and here for an article by Shell.

For the international press release, click here.

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Shell Concept Car Dashboard

Shell Concept Car Dashboard

Shell Concept Car testing

Shell Concept Car testing