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Scanning for Virtual Reality

On Thursday 24th March, MOBGEN:Lab was invited to present at the Virtual Reality (VR) expert meeting at the Coded Matter(s) #13: Compiled Landscapes event. The reason for the invite was to showcase ‘Project Construct’, a virtual reality app developed by MOBGEN:Lab that allows people to digitally collaborate in a 3D environment. The session was organised by FIBER under the series that is called Coded Matter(s); a range of events with presentations, workshops and performances that explore the possibilities and pitfalls of emerging digital culture.

Sebastian Veldman demonstrated how Project Construct is going to change the way that brands and organisations can offer an immersive experience. The key difference when comparing with VR apps that are available in the market nowadays is that Project Construct allows people to real-time collaborate in VR, all powered by your smartphone! This means that the VR channel is no longer bound to a 1-on-1 relationship, it’s has become a collaborative environment that can be shared with multiple people at the same time! With this technology advancement we unlock the potential to bring digital storytelling to a whole new level were people can influence the experience by interacting with the brand in the middle. The demonstration encouraged a good discussion between virtual reality experts, all acknowledging that socialising VR is the next big thing to come.

Interested in Project Construct and want to receive more information about it? Don’t hesitate to contact us: