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It’s been six months since the last article on some of this year’s upcoming technology trends. One of the trends, the 360-degree video, faced a big test when we helped Shell launch their first 360-degree video in collaboration with the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team in August.


For those who are not familiar with the term, 360-degree videos are also known as immersive or spherical videos. During playback, the viewer has complete control of the viewing direction like with a panorama photo. Most 360-degree videos are monoscopic, meaning that it is viewed as a flat image on a singular surface. This year, we have seen a big increase in 360-degree video production when video platforms like YouTube allowed you to upload and share the content. One of the biggest moves in 360-degree video support came from Facebook last year, when it opened the Facebook newsfeed to support 360-degree photos and video content. Through your Facebook newsfeed, you can now automatically view 360-degree videos and photos from your desktop (Chrome), smartphone, or virtual reality headset.


Last week, we hit a record breaking milestone with Shell when two Scuderia Ferrari F1 360-degree videos were published on the Shell Motorsports Facebook page. Combining the statistics of the videos showed that we have hit more than one and a half a million views in only a few days, making it the ‘highest organic (non-paid) reach of any Shell social media post’. The comments on the video have been amazing. People are loving it and sharing it with friends in huge numbers. MOBGEN:Lab played a vital role in working closely together with Shell on editing the 360-degree video that was captured by Shell to make it a fully immersive experience.


Check out the video here.


Not only did we design the 360-degree data interface for both Scuderia Ferrari F1 videos, we’ve also recently finished the complete 360-degree video production of the Shell Eco-Marathon. All videos are now available for free inside in the Shell Motorist app. MOBGEN:Lab has done all the coding in order to support 360-video technology inside the app, making it a modular platform that can be globally distributed across all markets where the Shell Motorist app is live.







The time is now to reach out to your customers and provide them with immersive content. 360-degree video technology gives full flexibility to the viewer to explore all angles of the experience. It has also been proved that viewers are tempted to play the 360-degree multiple times since there is so much to explore. MOBGEN:Lab is excited to further explore the opportunities of 360-degree video technology by working with new professional gear that reaches the highest level of quality for your business.