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Red Bull Knock Out

Red Bull Knock Out

Take the challenge

Red Bull are renowned for their dare devil philosophy and over the years, has built an image of power and adrenaline. They encourage customers to achieve whatever they want to, inviting them to be active, alert and to take challenges. As part of their marketing strategy, Red Bull sponsor a number of dare devil events such as Knock Out, a one thousand-heavy motocross race where drivers take on the challenging track at Scheveningen beach. But how do you generate interest to a generation of digital savvy millennials? 

Red Bull saw this as an opportunity to create an engaging way to promote the Knock Out 2018 event and bring a unique digital experience to the public, through the implementation of scalable AR to create an immersive marketing piece. 

Together, Red Bull and MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive are proud to introduce the Red Bull Knock Out app. This app leverages the latest in Android and iOS capabilities combined with augmented reality to deliver a 3D visual representation of the beach track. MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive assembled a small team of Extended Reality professionals that also consisted of resources from the Accenture London XR Studio and the Newcastle Technology Center to deliver an app that could be brought to the Dutch market. The app is aimed to get the public involved in the experience and to increase engagement.


What makes it special?

The app challenges users to drive their motocross bike across Scheveningen beach and face the challenges of the track. Users not only get to see all the jumps and challenges that the racers need to face in advance, but they will get the thrill of the challenge that not many people get to experience. The first motocross rider that reaches the finish line wins! 

Red Bull have successfully innovated an engaging and immersive marketing experience in the new digital landscape. They are enabling an immersive experience that is scalable, provokes curiosity and excitement, creating a unique digital brand experience. 

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