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It is always fun to return to your former university stomping ground, especially if you come bearing Virtual Reality gifts. Adrian Lopez, Full Stack Web Developer and Sebastian Veldman, Innovation Lead visited the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of A Coruña (UDC)  on the 20th April to talk about the latest progress made in Virtual Reality at MOBGEN and MOBGEN:Lab.


We started by introducing what we do and how we work at MOBGEN, taking this opportunity to present some of our projects in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and 360° imaging. We demoed the latest innovations in each one of this fields, showing examples of how brands and organisations can have an immersive experience by allowing real-time collaboration in VR (powered by your smartphones).


We also wanted to give the audience a hands on experience and brought some MOBGEN-branded VR Cardboard viewers. They were able to use the viewers with their own phones by downloading apps such as NYT VR (available for Android and iOS), and by playing 360° videos. YouTube actually integrated this functionality back in March 2015, and announced a few weeks ago that it will also start to give support for 360° live streaming and spatial audio. In addition to the Google Cardboard units, we also brought with us the renowned and famous Oculus Rift, with a demand so high that the estimated ship date is now August 2016, limited to one purchase by customer. Check the Oculus Rift site  for more details and/or order a full kit set.


The relationship between the A Coruña University (UDC) and MOBGEN is a strong one, with 15 of our 71 Spanish colleagues (including Adrian himself) having studied there in the past. Thanks in part to the collaboration of the dean, Luis Hervella and the vice dean of Institutional Relations, Adriana Dapena, the event was a big success and the response from both the students and the faculty was very positive. The room was at full capacity which indicated a great interest in the technologies used at MOBGEN among the students and professors who attended. This resulted in a collection of useful feedback points, and we will keep them in mind for upcoming events.


To summarise, we felt that the whole event was a triumph, and we look forward to the next one! If you would like to propose a new topic or idea for an event at the University, send us an email to New talks and workshops coming soon!