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MOBGEN at the Torre de Hercules Run

Every year for the last six years, the Torre de Hércules run takes place in A Coruña. MOBGEN signed up – for the third time in a row – without hesitation. Torre de Hercules is an incredible 7km night run which starts with the last rays of light and finishes at night, right after sunset.

First, the lower categories ran a shorter version of the adult circuit during the afternoon. After this, the time had come for the senior participants and, of course, for our company representatives. The race started at 21:00 for around 1,300 runners, who enjoyed the technical and tough circuit across the streets of A Coruña, including 18 mobgenners. Climbs were present, but not enough reason to slow down the pace since everyone wanted to reach the final metres. The Torre de Hércules lighthouse – the oldest Roman lighthouse in use today across the world – was waiting at the finish line.

In the end, Martin Reigosa – Android developer for more than one year in MOBGEN – was the fastest man with an average time of 4:10 per km, closely followed by our senior backend guys Martin Suárez and Adrián López. An awesome pace that even allowed him to be one of the first 200 in finishing the run!

After the run, everyone changed out of their MOBGEN Part of Accenture Digital branded t-shirts and dressed up to have dinner together. Activities like this one not only increase physical and emotional well-being but also create friendly competitiveness that will result in better performance in daily work activities.

Studies have shown that running, and physical exercise in general, can help stimulate employee’s brains and develop multiple skills that can be applied to their work environments. Endorphins released during physical activity can help you feel happy, relaxed and brimming with higher focus and concentration at work.

Big applause to all the MOBGEN runners. Everybody enjoyed the moment and now cannot wait for the next run. If you are reading this don’t doubt your capabilities, find a local run to join with your colleagues. You and your company can take advantage of these exciting experiences and each moment will be worth it.


Written by Adrián López.