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MOBGEN integrating Apple Pay for optimal customer experience at Shell Service Stations in the UK

People are busy. Going to a Shell Service Station, sometimes you just want to fill up and go. That’s why Shell wants to offer their clients a speedy, secure mobile fuel payment service as part of the Shell Motorist App. It works seamlessly with PayPal and from end of June 2016 also with Apple Pay, so you can now pay for fuel without queuing up in store.


Since Apple pay went live last year, many big companies have decided to let their customers take advantage of this initiative integrating a safe mobile payment method in their mobile platforms. One of the companies who decided to step forward to integrate Apple Pay in the European market is our client Shell with integration in the UK Shell Motorist App.


MOBGEN as a software solutions provider took the responsibility to integrate the Apple Pay software with the Shell Motorist App. Our MOBGEN team began working on the implementation last February and the result went live at the end of June 2016.

The idea of this implementation was triggered by Shell customers, after research showed that 70% of iOS users of mobile payments in the UK were using Apple Pay. Shell is the first gas company implementing a mobile payment solution in the UK.


Currently, Shell is rolling out a nationwide marketing campaign. This campaign will kick off in August 2016, with the purpose of gaining even more active users.

The user simply selects how much they want to spend and scans the QR code at the pump from inside their car. Then they just fill up & go. It really is as simple as that. Apple Pay is a user friendly solution, allowing customers to use one associated credit card. Another advantage is that the payments are faster, and the transactions have an extra security system with the fingerprint option. The next step will be to launch the app in more countries in the EU and in the US.


MOBGEN has in depth knowledge on the specific Apple Pay software and technology, so we are able to adapt and integrate Apple Pay as a solution for your customers. It’s great to see that customer embrace these kind of user friendly mobile payment solutions, delivering value for many businesses.