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Millennial 20/20, London

Millennial 20/20 Europe Summit focuses on a combination of innovation, disruption and technology, making it an event that appeals directly to the heart of MOBGEN. The summit hones in on the reasons why consumer needs are becoming intensely more complex and evolving at a faster pace than we have ever seen before. Millennial 20/20 aims to address these topics ‘through a curated experience of multiple conference stages, immersive and experiential showcases and organised networking experiences’.

The impressive lineup of key speakers at the event includes the likes of Facebook, H&M and Birchbox, and attracts a multitude of large and small businesses to come with the aim to learn more about how consumers want to shop and interact with brands in the modern industry. This years Europe edition of the Summit is on May 3 – 4 and is located in London, meaning that we will be packing our bags and heading over to the event in only a week’s time!

Why Millennial 20/20?

We are looking forward to experiencing the future of commerce from the perspective of a digitally sharp consumer, and delving into some of the key focus points that meet our very own key verticals at MOBGEN. This includes, but is not limited to, Retail, Mobile Payments, Travel and Fashion. As a company that creates mobile solutions for consumers and businesses, we are highly interested in the evolution of the way consumers interact with brands. Millennial 20/20 is set to highlight the ways in which the ‘millennial mindset’ alters this process and how it is increasingly becoming the norm in commerce overall.

MOBGEN are lucky enough to be attending this event with one of the key partners of Millennial 20/20, Accenture. At the event we will be taking along two of our very own exciting projects that incorporate Trendradar and the Microsoft HoloLens.

HoloLens – Future of Aircraft Training & Maintenance

MOBGEN will be using the HoloLens to demo the ‘future of aircraft training and maintenance’, illustrating an airline engine in 3D. The key concept behind this is that it can be used for training purposes for engine and maintenance staff.



The HoloLens overlays 3D holographic content on the physical world. With HoloLens, trainees can interact with a detailed hologram – in this case, specific aircraft material – to get an interactive hands-on experience whilst learning about operational procedures. But this is not only useful for training. The HoloLens can also be used for maintenance purposes, to extract information from manuals to the real world, hands free. Come see us at the event to discover the capabilities of this new 3D technology!

Trendradar – Data Visualisation

On the other hand, MOBGEN will be at the event to demonstrate Trendradar, a real time Twitter data visualisation platform. Trendradar operates by filtering tweets by a keyword such as ‘Technology’ or ‘Travel’. The hashtags are then extracted from the tweet text and sentiment analysis is then performed to determine the emotion in the tweet text. This information is then visualised on screen. Tweet nodes are displayed in the centre. The colour of the node indicates the sentiment; green corresponds to positive and red to negative.

An overall sentiment percentage is also calculated. This allows the user to gain an understanding of the overall sentiment that the topic has amongst the twitter community. The hashtags are displayed as separate nodes, which further allows the user to get an overview of trends that relate to the keyword used.


The strength of this data visualisation is that it allows the user to get an impression of what is happening on the ground with a topic. For example, if a person was looking to book a holiday to London. They could enter London as a keyword and get an overview of what is happening in London. The hashtags that are displayed enable the user to see what is happening in the city and how people are feeling about London at that moment. Or if the same person wanted to compare two airlines, they could look search for each airline and get honest customer feedback from people tweeting about those airlines.

Come see us at Millennial 20/20!

We will be in London for both days of the events, and as much as we are looking forward to seeing all of the cool things others will be showing, we are equally thrilled to be able to show you some of the things that we have been working on. You will be able to find us at the Accenture Travel Showcase located at the Old Truman Brewery, stand T3.10 on the first floor, both May 3 & 4 – come say hi!

Credits: Silviu Agapi – HoloLens, Tom Power – Data Visualisation