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Evi van Lanschot

MOBGEN Press Release January 2016.

Evi van Lanschot specialises in providing online investment solutions, in which traditional investments are combined with modern technologies. Because clients want convenient access to their investments at any time and place, MOBGEN and Evi Van Lanschot have developed mobile platforms for tablets and smartphones.

After the release of the Evi tablet application in 2012, Evi Van Lanschot has recently released a brand new smartphone application, which allows their clients to access their investments at any convenient time or place. For these iOS and Android smartphone applications, MOBGEN delivered the UI/UX and developed a truly valuable, modern, and secure platform, providing relevant insights and giving Evi’s clients full asset control to meet their needs.

Andries van Luijk, Managing Director of EVI about the new applications: “With the release of the new Evi smartphone application we are offering an exciting, high-quality and secure application tailored to the specific needs of our clients. For Evi, the smartphone application is one of our most important interaction channels, as we currently already see 80% of our clients accessing Evi via their Smartphones”.

Evi van Lanschot apps

Evi van Lanschot apps

With the Evi Van Lanschot application, Evi customers have always access to their account and are able to view their entire investment portfolio at a glance on the dashboard. Direct insight into the value of all assets, in which classes is invested (equities, commodities, bonds, etc.), and how assets are spread over different regions. In addition, customers have access to expert information regarding investments, such as the development of their assets and revenue. Users can directly access detailed in-depth factsheets, and are able to easily perform transactions giving the users full control and flexibility over their assets and investments.

For more information, app store download links and visuals of the app, click here.