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iOS 10 Update



The objective of this article is to provide details regarding the benefits of upgrading to iOS 10. Last year 77% of user had upgraded to iOS9 just 3 months after it was released. As of August 2016, 87% of iOS users were using iOS9.


Introduction to new features of iOS 10


iOS 10 has introduced new features which will revolutionise how we do things. Messaging, Siri, Control Center…have all been updated for iOS 10. These new features will allow us to easily access information on our iPads and iPhones much quicker and easier than before.


Redesign of Lock Screen/Raise to Wake/ Control Center


The lock screen, which had been the same for many iOS versions, has now finally been upgraded. The lock screen no longer uses the Swipe to Unlock function; it has been replaced with using the Home button. Although this change can be confusing for some at first, the features that have been added to the lock screen will make it worth it.


One of the changes made to the lock screen is the clock. Previously, you would need to press a button to see the time, but now with Raise to Wake, which is already used for the Apple Watch, the time will appear instantly when you pick up your phone.


Now when you swipe right, you will see an overhaul of the Spotlight section. We’ve seen this with iOS9 where Siri suggests apps and contacts, along with nearby locations and news headlines.


The control center has also been redesigned and now has three different sections: the main one, which we already know from previous iOS versions, a Now Playing section, and also a Home app section. The Home app section is used to control your smart home accessories, now made easier to control with a swipe up from your lock screen.




iOS10 takes widgets to the next level. The widgets, which you previously viewed on the Notification Center, are now in the Spotlight screen. Third party apps can make their own widgets, and users can easily add them to the Spotlight screen. Widgets make it so that it’s easier to access information quickly without having to open the app.


3D-touch enabled notifications  & Messaging


The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and SE saw the introduction to 3D touch. With 3D touch, the iPhone is able to sense how much pressure is applied to the display; different pressure will allow different abilities.  For notifications, this is huge, and with iOS 10 you can quickly respond to a message without the need to fully unlock the device by using the 3D touch. Users are now also able to view photos and videos with this.


Siri update/3rd party integration


iOS10 has given developers access to Siri. This allows third party developers to integrate Siri into their apps. Users will be able to tell Siri to use a particular app to message someone, book a ride, search photos on apps…etc iOS10 has increased Siri’s capabilities as a personal assistant at the palm of our hands.


Siri intelligence is also being used for the Photos app in iOS 10; a new algorithm is used for recognition techniques. Photos will be able to scan the user’s entire library and detect people, animals, places.. making it easier to group images together and improving the searching capabilities.


Apple app updates


Major updates have been made to iMessages, photos, maps, and music apps. The iMessages app in iOS10 is more personal, emotive and fun. Animated backgrounds, “Invisible Ink” bubble effects, “Tapbacks”  and Stickers are some of the new features included in iMessages.


Besides these new ways of personalising messages, with iOS10, users are able to use digital touch to send drawings, heartbeats and tap friends. We’ve already seen this with the introduction of the Apple Watch last year.


Rich links in messages allows users to view a preview of the content without leaving the app. Handwritten messages can also be sent to friends by using the new pen button. Editing pictures is easy with a Markup feature which you can access directly from the iMessage app.   


Apple maps also include limited 3rd party integrations with iOS10. Developers can integrate the Maps app directly into their apps. This will improve the user experience so that there is no need to open multiple apps to access the maps. Siri intelligence is also being used here to improve suggestions on where the user can go, faster routes, and other suggestions based off of the user habits and locations.


The Apple Music app and News also has a new interface in iOS10, providing users a cleaner interface, which makes it simpler to use and to find content.

iOS 10 Device Availability:


iOS10 is available on the following devices:





iPhone 5/5c/5s

iPad 4th generation

iPod touch 6th generation

iPhone SE

iPad Air/Air 2

iPhone 6/6Plus

iPad mini 2/mini 3/mini 4

iPhone 6s/6sPus

iPad Pro


iOS 10 Release


iOS10 was released some time after the Apple Keynote on the 13th of September. These are the main features that are included in the release. Apple has shown that with each release, users are able to use their devices with more ease and have added more useful features.