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Ever been to a gallery and struggled to find more information about the artwork? Have you ever had to forfeit your retina display and Hi-Fi noise cancelling headphones for a second-hand audio guide and a pre-selected tour? Using advanced image recognition, SMARTIFY provides access to inspiring audio and video commentary, straight to your smartphone.

Why did you start it and what is the problem it tries to solve?

For my part, it all began on a freezing cold December Friday in New York, when a friend and I took advantage of the UNIQLO Free Friday nights and visited the MoMA for the first time. For us, the 5th floor was the most enjoyable.

We entered the room and was greeted with Monet’s Water Lilies. Three massive tableaux covering three walls. I stood staring at the painting listening to a podcast about the story of how Monet created the painting.

It took him 6 months to complete. He studied all the shadows and reflections of the clouds over his water lily garden behind his house in Giverny. Each part of the painting represents a different shade or passing of the weather.

It struck me that without this podcast, I could not have fully appreciated the commitment, dedication and perseverance that Monet invested. There are amazing stories behind the art, the artists, and the world and times they lived in. Such stories trigger emotions, and emotions turn into warm lasting memories, these memories come back again and again just by looking at the art. At it’s core, the idea of  SMARTIFY is to help audiences create these memories.  

Where do you want to be in 5 years time?

We want to see SMARTIFY being used by audiences across the world’s top museums, galleries, and collections as the medium for a new way of experiencing art and driving deeper, personal connections with it.

Why are you participating in the competition?

Participation in competitions such as VOOM 2016 and PwC’s Great Innovation Challenge offers opportunities of immeasurable value to reach out to a broader audience supported by great established brands.

How can fans of the app help?

If you believe in SMARTIFY, you can show us your support by following us on our social media channels (Facebook and Twitter). Tweet and post about us! Additionally, if you are interested to find out more, or if you have any suggestions for SMARTIFY, you can contact us directly at

Any advice to anyone starting their own business now?

It’s probably too early for us to be giving advice to other start-ups since we still have a long way to go. However, based on the journey so far, it’s become apparent to me how important it is to have the right partners/team from the very beginning. It is a bumpy ride with lots of ups and downs, and having people around you who believe in the idea and are as passionate is crucial. Another more practical insight is that you should share (within reason!) your idea. We live in a time where the possibilities of multiple people working on the same ideas are high. Therefore, feedback is always good for challenging you and making sure you’ve thought of various aspects such as understanding your audience and coming up with new ideas.

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