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Today’s businesses are more dependent on technology than ever. For CIOs (and all of IT) this is a change-or-be-changed tipping-point; we must guide our businesses and deliver real bottom line value.” A clear statement from VP & CIO Downstream, Craig Walker on Thursday the 5th of May, during the Inspire to Innovate event. Ron Vrijmoet and Sebastian Veldman took the stage and presented towards 500+ Shell IT staff on how mobility plays a vital part in the Shell Value Chain.


Next to MOBGEN, goliaths like Accenture, Salesforce, SAP, and IBM joined the stage and spoke on various other emerging technologies like IoT and AI. Especially for all event attendees, MOBGEN:Lab explained how mobile VR empowers marketing and training experiences. For some, this might just sound like a one-time fun game, but research done by the University of Udine tells us the opposite. Research by Chittaro and Buttussi (2015) showed that a VR training experience gave users a knowledge gain that is maintained after one week, where statistically, people who used the traditional training method suffered a significant loss of the acquired knowledge after one week. The VR training was able to produce more engagement, emotion and physiological arousal than the safety card, a factor which can contribute to a positive impact on knowledge retention.
MOBGEN:Lab is the research division of MOBGEN, set up to investigate disruptive innovation with a focus on mobile technology and interface. We have the ambitious aim to identify and map the trends across the design industry that will create changes in the way we interact with brands, products and places.