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Halo 2.0 release

Recently, we released the 2.0 version of HALO, our Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) product. During the process of development, we completely redesigned the user interface and upgraded the backend system, enriching both with killer features and a cool new design. The final result is an impressive product that we are very happy to release to the broader audience.

If you haven’t heard about HALO, and you aren’t familiar with the MBaaS systems but you’re interested in adding value to your app development workflow, then let us lead you through the history of the process that brought us here.

The Beginning of a Journey

The HALO 2.0 release is the result of a process that started in 2015, inspired by years of mobile development experience, frequent client requests and market research. At MOBGEN, we know very well the dynamics of continuous and frenetic evolution of the mobile world. A market where the backend systems need to be flexible and adaptable to changes, so updates can be available to the users quickly and efficiently.

But what is HALO? Well, let’s keep it simple for now and explain it first from a customer’s perspective. Basically, it is a managed service around apps that customers use to manage content and send push notifications to a targeted audience.

Let’s show an example of the standard workflow: In the first step, the customers can create and manage content for their applications. In addition, they have the option to add push notifications to alert users. Finally, they can select a segmented audience of users for this content. When these steps are completed and everything is ready, they can publish directly. Simple, right?





Let’s go deeper now and analyse it from a developer’s perspective. HALO is an accelerator that solves a set of common problems that always occur during app development. This makes the process faster and more efficient and reduces the time-to-market of our applications considerably. HALO provides out of the box backend services, so the teams can focus and spend time on app development.

In addition, we provide SDKs open source for Android and iOS platforms, which can be easily integrated into any app. The SDKs solve most of the common problems and time consuming tasks related to app development. Main tasks such as security (authentication), push notifications and content synchronisation (included offline).

What is new in the 2.0 release?

The new version includes outstanding improvements and new functionalities added to the core of the HALO system. First, we’ve completely redesigned and boosted the Content Management System interface. The new user interface has totally evolved into a cleaner, more attractive and customisable way to improve the user experience.

In addition to the UI changes, the user management system changed from role based to permission based. Now it is possible to have complete control over the different roles/permissions for each user. This change allows the HALO admins to create custom roles with specific rights, adaptable to all the different situations, applications and markets.

The iOS and Android SDKs have been considerably upgraded in this new release. The HALO SDKs are now more stable, modular and independent as result of an exhaustive process of testing and code refactoring. Also, the content synchronisation for offline use has been improved to offer a positive experience in your apps regardless of the connection conditions.  

Moreover, we’ve enhanced the general architecture, improved the security and introduced the new app dashboard analytics. We are extremely excited to introduce these new cool features to our clients and fellow developers!

And now?

Introducing the 2.0 version, a mature and stable product with lots of new functionalities and core improvements… but this is the mobile world after all, and it never sleeps. At MOBGEN, there is continuous communication between the HALO team, our mobile specialists and existing and potential clients. This two-way communication channel provides us with constructive feedback which helps us to continuously improve our product and develop new features using cutting-edge technologies.  

Our work doesn’t stop here, the roadmap for the coming months is already planned with new features to keep upgrading HALO. The analytics dashboard will be improved to provide more useful information about app usage, segmentation and push notification relevant metrics. We will focus on increasing the capabilities of HALO to manage loyalty programs that can be very useful for our retail customers. Also, improvements in the internationalisation module will make it easier to deliver different content adapted to each app market.

If you want to improve the development process of your apps significantly, or you just want to receive more information about HALO, please don’t hesitate to contact us: