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Flux by belew app support information page

FLUX by belew app

• Q: Is FLUX by belew™ the same as FLUX:FX – by Adrian Belew?
• A: No. FLUX by belew™ is the app platform delivering the music and artwork of Adrian, the ‘painting’ if you will. FLUX:FX is the app that Adrian is developing with NOII.SE that is a multi-effect audio processor, or the ‘paintbrush’ for his sounds. If you are interested in FLUX:FX please check out the website here: Coming soon!

• Q: I have downloaded and launched the app, but all I see is a dark background with icons on it and I can only swipe left and right. How do i get to the good stuff?
• A: this is the ‘onboarding wizard’. Please swipe all the way to the end and tap on the ‘close’ text. We will update this to make it clearer in the next version.

• Q: I have downloaded and launched the app, but all I see is an alert saying “setting up media” with a loading indicator. How do i get to the good stuff?
• A: this is usually to do with the configuration file being interrupted while downloading. If you restart the app or switch it to ‘airplane mode’ then you should be able to swipe through the onboarding wizard and access the app.

• Q: The app is working well, but when I turn off the screen or go to another app the music stops after a while. Why is this? 
• A: this is because of the 360-degree visual environment we are using. It is consuming a lot of resources and when it calculates in the background it stops the app. This won’t happen if the app is active in the foreground, but we will be fixing this in the next update.

• Q: I have an iPad2, iPad mini or an iPhone 4, will the app work for my device?
• A: Yes the app will work fine on these devices, but as it is quite a demanding app it will have some very minor performance differences compared to newer devices. On the older devices you may experience a slight delay when taking a screenshot, and we have seen some short audio gaps between songs on some ipad 2s. The 360 visual environments are very processor-intensive so these are only enabled for iPad4/air/air2 and iPhone5/5s/6/6+.

• Q: I think this app is awesome!
• A: That is a statement not a question :o) but please, if you love the app, feel free to write an awesome review in the app store.

• Q: I have a problem or suggestion with the app, should I leave feedback in the appstore?
• A: If you leave a comment or question in the feedback on the Apple appstore we are NOT able to respond to it and assist you. Instead please email us at or use the contact form below and we will do our utmost best to help.

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