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Astutia – Be a part of our journey

The Nickel Studio team based in MOBGEN’s Malaga office have worked tirelessly in a six month project to create an awesome mobile app named Astutia.


The Astutia app is a mobile game, inspired by the classic board game Diplomacy, which is set in the midst of WWI. To win the game, you must conquer other player’s territories. The fun part, is that each one of your opponents can be either your ally, or your enemy. The only way to differentiate between them is by using your instinct.


Astutia was born from the team’s love for board games. This paired with their passion for technology, inspired them to bring the game to life in the contemporary world. The core aim of this project was to bring people closer through board games. This meant that creating a mobile app was ideal, as they allow for easy and modern interactions through a universally popular solution, your mobile phone.

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 22.18.50

The game itself encompasses some fantastic variations of the original gameplay, with intuitive menus, stunning graphics, alongside descriptive tutorials and game interface. At the moment, we are working to establish an online presence and promote the game, which is going to be later published on Kickstarter, the global crowdfunding platform focussed on creativity.


Crowdfunding is the act of funding a project by raising money from a large number of people. These people each contribute any amount that they wish to, no matter how big or small, and the common practice for this is via the internet. Choosing this approach for Astutia was mainly due to the fact that crowdfunding is a great tool for validation. There’s no better way to discover demand for your project, and can help you decide whether or not the investment is worthwhile.


In addition, crowdfunding also allows you to receive large amounts of feedback about your product or service. This can be used to improve your project and help in its growth. When choosing crowdfunding, we agreed that Kickstarter was the appropriate platform for Astutia because of the following reasons:


  • Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects, such as games.
  • Astutia will benefit from engaging Kickstarter’s existing community of users who support similar projects, as well as their own.
  • The Kickstarter platform is not investment based like Seeders or loan based like Funding Circle. This means the project creators keep 100% ownership of their work.
  • When someone backs a Kickstarter campaign they get a reward, which is dependent on how much they pledge. The rewards Astutia gives away will be exclusive to the Kickstarter backers.

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MOBGEN supports the Astutia team’s Kickstarter campaign as a way to reach potential backers for the project and also, as a simple tool for us to validate the project. Should Astutia receive a large number of backers, this will bring clarity to whether or not there is an interest for the game, and how we shall proceed thereafter.


We see value in having the Astutia project on Kickstarter as we can give backers exclusive premium features, and have an audience of gamers, ready to play the game as soon as it goes live. Throughout the Kickstarter campaign there will be feedback and questions about the game from potential backers. This will help the team understand how their audience think and review the game.


We would be thrilled if you could become a part of our Astutia journey, which is now live on Twitter and Facebook. More updates will be coming soon.