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ANWB launches ‘Vakantiehulp app’ (Travel assistance app), developed by MOBGEN

The Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB has just launched a new app, ANWB Vakantiehulp (Travel Assistance), which will help you be well-prepared for travel throughout Europe. Amsterdam-based mobile solution specialist, MOBGEN, was signed on to develop the app.

It’s free and a majority of the content is exclusive to members of the ANWB. Travelers can choose their holiday destination using the app and will be able to find information such as traffic information, travel news, local traffic rules, tips on what to bring that is legally required, what to do in an emergency, and more. In the event of an emergency, travelers will be able to use the app to directly call the local emergency services or the ANWB Emergency Centre. The app shows your exact location, so emergency responders can find you.

Bart Voorhuis, product manager at ANWB: “With this app, ANWB wants to further improve the service to its members on the smartphone. The app includes familiar ANWB information and advice for travelers (such as traffic information, unusual traffic rules, and country information), plus new features such as a call button with the local emergency numbers by country and location view all bundled into one convenient app that also can also be used offline for the most part. With the ANWB Vakantiehulp app, you go on holiday well prepared and carefree in 43 European countries.”

Michiel Ebeling, CCO MOBGEN: “We are pleased that we have developed this handy app for the members of the ANWB. With this first version of the ANWB Vakantiehulp app, help from ANWB is now more easily accessible throughout Europe. This should further increase the satisfaction of members of the ANWB services.”

The app is available for iPhone (iOS8 and above) and Android smartphone (Android 4.4 and higher) and can be downloaded in the stores. For more information on