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Accenture Innovation Summit 2017

The Accenture Innovation Summit is an event which brings together all the very best Dutch innovators, influencers and corporates. At the 11th edition of the Innovation Summit, we experienced inspiring levels of creativity and transformation. Of course, the Summit is also the home of the prestigious Accenture Innovation Awards, where we got to see some amazing projects leading the new. Well done to all the winners!

This year’s program was one which did not disappoint. With interesting activities in every direction, we were spoiled for choice. Attendees had the opportunity to discover various innovators in the exhibition playground throughout the day, whilst also joining in a vast range of different sessions including insightful round tables, stage talks and pitches. Visitors are invited to watch, feel and experience all the latest game-changing innovations, and that’s exactly what we did.



What did we get up to?

We started off the day with a bang as we were greeted by AIA personnel at the station and took some awesome electric BMW and Tesla taxis to De Fabrique, where the event was held. Upon arrival, we proceeded to prepare the kick-ass MOBGEN:Lab booth and get stuck into our first round table session. Despite getting the day off to a good start, the Opening Ceremony felt like the real kick-off of the day. With outstanding visuals and some truly inspiring introductory speeches by Pep Rosenfeld, Manon van Beek and Omar Abbosh, we were well and truly into the spirit of the day by noon!

Not only did we attend the event with our very own MOBGEN:Lab and Accenture Interactive booth, demoing projects such as SMARTIFY and FLUXFX, but we also lead a variety of interviews and sessions throughout the day. Our round table topics were centered upon Chatbots, Connected Car and FinTech, which all went incredibly well and it was really enjoyable to engage with others about topics which we are passionate about. In a similar vein, we also lead a DeepDive about Service Design and Rapid Prototyping, which attracted a nice audience and some positive feedback following the talk.



Who was there?

Alongside us at the event were many impressive attendees from both corporate and startup landscapes. Some examples of attendees were Shell, Tesla, RoboValley, Oracle, Somnox, and Salesforce. This variety allowed us to experience all the very best in modern technology from the future of Virtual Reality to IoT and Drones.

We had a lot of fun hopping into the self-driving, sleek Tesla standing at the Innovation Playground and having a cuddle with Somnox, the world’s first natural soft robot who helps you sleep. While at the event, we also bumped into some old friends in the industry and got to spend some time with some of our clients and partners. It was such a fantastic way to bring everyone together in one place to catch up and learn more about each other’s innovations and projects by really immersing ourselves in the field of innovation and creativity in a broad sense.

“The thing is: everything that was science fiction, is now a reality. Thanks to innovation. The core is: there is a logarithmic cost reduction going on, that enables disruption. It’s not only Google Maps kills TomTom kind of big bang innovation, but it’s also compressive disruption: not having the resources to invest in a pivot to get from the old to the new.”

Omar Abbosh
Strategy Global Director of Accenture

We had a really great time at #AIA17 and we cannot wait to do it all again next year! For a glimpse into the event take a look at the official aftermovie here, and if you’d like to know more about the demos we presented at the MOBGEN:Lab booth, get in touch!