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Accenture acquires MOBGEN, expanding end-to-end digital services

We are proud to inform you that MOBGEN has found an exceptionally favourable and suitable new owner. The authoritative, leading and globally active Accenture has acquired all shares in MOBGEN and now owns 100% of the company. This is great news for our employees, our existing clients, and prospects because it now gives us the opportunity to remain ahead, to develop further and to achieve our shared aspirations.

The acquisition by Accenture also serves as recognition for how we’ve worked together with our clients. For the trust that our clients have placed in us. For the impressive applications and integrated solutions we have developed together. That is deserving of great thanks. It speaks volumes that a global, established company like Accenture has chosen an Amsterdam startup.

This partnership is truly complementary. With Accenture, we are expanding our end-to-end mobile approach and can start the business conversation within industries where mobile is mission critical, making it invaluable in driving digital transformation for these companies.
MOBGEN is a successful startup that thinks and develops from the perspective of the consumer experience 100 percent. Accenture wishes to expand and strengthen its end-to-end mobile approach. MOBGEN can now also offer that service to Accenture’s clients.

Hopefully, this won’t change our valued partnership, and we will simply continue as MOBGEN, now part of Accenture Digital. We will keep the same brand, culture and our operation from our offices in Amsterdam, A Coruña, Malaga, and London. The Management Team we will still be fully involved! While Accenture will add infused management, our leaders of the teams will remain in the same roles. What will change is the new possibilities and opportunities to grow even further. And naturally, our clients and prospect together with our employees will benefit greatly from that.