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Creating the best experiences on the planet. Design, technology and innovation focused.

With more than 250 mobile specialists working from Amsterdam, A Coruña, and Malaga, we help our customers to innovate, increase audience engagement, and improve KPIs.


At MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive, all our services, everything we do, we do from the perspective of the end user. The goal of these services is to achieve an understanding of your users, and to build the right product for your business. You can find some of our services below, which are available as a full end-to-end project or as a standalone service.

Doing the right things right!NICK MUELLER · CREATIVE DIRECTOR


When starting a new project, MOBGEN focuses on gaining valuable insights from users and fully understanding your requirements, in order to define the most fitting product.


The design process at MG | AI is a creative act of developing product and service ideas to solve a defined problem. We always aim to deliver concepts that holistically solve your design problem.

Development & integration

At MOBGEN our passion for technology enables us to develop the best possible product for you. Our System Integration team is there to help integrate your existing back-end systems into our mobile platforms.

System Testing

Our QA department carries out a systematic process, using multiple tools to automate QA testing and improve the overall quality of the product.


The deployment team at MG | AI works in collaboration with the development team and your business to ensure the application is ready for release.

Run Maintain & Analytics

MG | AI does not see a project ending when development is complete. With dedicated Run & Maintain and Analytics teams we are able to support your project after deployment.